Fenac Technology

Principle to contribute to the development of Turkey's Fenac Technology is a young and dynamic company operating in control and automation. Combining advanced technology with its experienced and developing staff, FENAC TECHNOLOGY today responds to all applications from the lowest level to the highest level of automation systems.

Fenac Technology, responds to the needs of automation Turkey gained the trust and support businesses. The basic features of FENAC Technology's automation systems are to optimize the resources used in accordance with the changing market conditions, to increase economic and technical efficiency, to standardize quality, to improve working conditions and thus to increase productivity and profitability. Total Quality is our basic business principle and philosophy of life.

Our policy is to meet the expectations of our domestic and foreign customers' products and services with our continuously improving performance at low cost, error-free and timely. In doing so, we attach great importance to occupational health, safety, and environmental protection. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy work and living environment for our employees and society.