Quality Policy

• To produce products and services that meet the quality expectations in a timely manner in accordance with legal requirements and customer demands,
• To produce by paying attention to the environment, occupational health and safety studies,
• To continuously develop our employees and suppliers,
• To make quality and timely production within the enterprise,
• To comply with Fenac process goals,
• To provide continuous improvement in our business, especially customer goals, Fenac process goals,
• To perform quality and business management in accordance with universal norms by working in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100 Rev D Quality Management System,
• To understand the needs and expectations in the best way, to develop and produce products accordingly, by taking into account the market and application conditions of the customer and by making a difference compared to the products and designs currently on the market,
• To create an organization that is constantly active, thinking, learning and finding solutions through Kaizen for continuous improvement,
• To use reliable, thoroughly tested technologies that serve our people and processes by applying technology at every stage of our production and all of our processes,
• To communicate effectively by understanding the needs and expectations of customers, employees and interested parties,
• To adopt the customer-oriented quality approach to the entire organization,
• To constantly review and improve the targets it has created in line with its quality policy,
• To give importance to regulatory and remedial activities, taking into account all kinds of risks and opportunities with a proactive approach in order to maintain the efficiency of the system,
• Quality; To ensure that it is not a level reached and maintained for our company, but a target that changes and renews according to the conditions shaped in parallel with the development of the world.

we are committed.